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Garment care

Washing and Drying

Always follow the washing guideline instructions on the label. To avoid any shrinkage do not wash your garment on a higher temperature than stated on the care label. Where possible, garments should be washed inside out. If your garment has no visible stains, you can wash at a lower temperature.

When drying your garment, please ensure you follow the wash care guideline stated on the label. Some of our garments cannot be tumble dried as this can cause shrinkage.


When caring for your garments, avoid contact with chemicals such as bleaching agents and softeners. Equally, avoid contact with perfumes and hairsprays as well similar products.


Ironing at temperatures that are too high can result in unwanted shine marks on matte fabrics.

Protect your garments by turning the heat down on your iron, turn the garment inside out when ironing or even cover the fabric with a damp towel before ironing.

Wash with care

Be mindful when doing washing to save energy and keep your clothes in good condition. Follow these simple tips:

1. Use a washing bag to prevent microfibers from entering the ocean.
2. If your garment has no visible stains, you can wash at a lower temperature.
3. Fill your washing machine to save energy but avoid overloading.
4. Wash on low temperatures to save money, energy, and preserve your clothes.
5. Use liquid detergent instead of powder to avoid microfibre erosion when washing.
6. Air-dry instead of tumble drying to save money, energy, and protect delicate fabrics.

Please view the below documentation to see our garment care guides.