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How do I open an account with Banner Ltd?

To start the application process, please download the Enquiry Form by clicking here . Please then complete the form and submit to They will then be in touch with you regarding next steps as they take you through the review process.

Can I place an order before opening an account?

Our system requires any despatched orders to be against an active trade account, it is not possible to process any orders until a trade account has been opened for a business.

What criteria is needed so I can open a trade account with Banner Ltd?

To open a trade account you must be operating as a Business within the garment industry; retailers, embroiders, online sellers for example are all examples.

Do I need to be based in the UK?

We can offer export accounts, please contact our Export Manager to begin your application.

I am a business based in Ireland, can I open a trade account with yourselves?

We are not able to offer trade account with Banner Ltd directly for companies located in Ireland, we have a distributor based in Ireland who can assist in sourcing our garments. You can contact them on 0800 234 6611 or via email at