APTUS Sports Bra

Specially designed to support girls’ bodies during sports. This is the first sustainable, fully reversible sports bra, developed specifically for use at school.

40% of students at secondary school are self-conscious about their bodies and as a result, do not want to take part in PE and extra-curricular sporting activities. We want to change this. With help from experts in the breast health research, we are proud to present a sports bra with a scientifically informed structure and school appropriate design.


said that their breasts had some effect on their participation in sport and exercise.


reported never wearing a sports bra.


of girls had at least one concern
about their breasts.

Research &

Research carried out by Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr proves that everyday bras do not provide enough support for girls playing sports at school, which can lead to pain and tissue damage.

Joanna strongly believes that girls should be protecting this area of their body during PE lessons, much like a gum shield would be expected to be worn during sports like rugby. Her findings warn that many girls suffer pain during games sessions as their normal underwear does not give enough support and that giving girls the right information at an early age can improve their body confidence and even encourage greater take-up of sport at school.

Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr, University of Portsmouth

"Many young women don’t understand the implications of making the wrong choices when it comes to support, our research demonstrates that the correct bra reduces breast movement and pain."

Why wear a
sports bra?

When we found out that half of girls aged 11-18 have never worn a sports bra before and that 46% said that their breasts had no effect on their participation in sports, we knew we needed to act.

The development of the new APTUS Eco Sports Bra is fundamental to supporting girls during school sport and making sure that they feel comfortable and confident to get involved in physical activities. Here at Banner, we want to encourage girls to start supporting their bodies and enjoy exercise with confidence.

A sports bra is important to wear during any physical activity. Wearing a sports bra like ours helps to protect girls' bodies by reducing breast movement during exercise, even in their school PE lessons.

There are no muscles in the breast so the only support they receive is from the outside layer of skin and a thin ligament inside the breast tissue known as the Coopers ligament. During physical activities breasts will bounce up, down and even in a figure of eight which over time can break down the Coopers ligament and stretch the skin causing soreness, pain and sagging. Once the skin is stretched or the Coopers ligament is broken, the damage caused is irreversible.

So that's why we created the first Sustainable & Reversible Sports Bra for the educational market.

Designed to support and protect girls bodies during school sports.

What makes the APTUS Sports Bra special?


We have specifically chosen to construct the APTUS Sports Bra from polyester because of its breathable, and non-absorbent properties. Moisture from the skin evaporates instead of being drawn into the material. Keeping the wearer fresh and dry while they train.


The reversible Sports Bra design allows you to choose the colour dependent on the outfit and means that it can be worn all day without being visible.

High Support

Support is fundamental when it comes to Sports Bra design. Sports bras can minimize breast bounce by up to 53%, reducing pain and improving agility. Support and comfort allow for total confidence.

Seamless Technology

Seamless technology has allowed us to reduce the number of stitched seams on the Sports Bra. Bonding fabric seams without thread reduces friction on the skin and allows for better comfort.

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