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Made to order

What product range is offered under MTO

Banner offer a range of products for their MTO proposition, including blazers, jackets, skirts, pinafores, summer dresses, shirts and blouses or any one of dozens of other products that require that special touch.
From an Independent Prep or Senior school, to an Academy, Free School, state primary or secondary school, Banner can deliver a level of service and expertise to ensure that your new uniform is one that you, your pupils and their parents are proud of.

What level of customisation do you offer?

Our portfolio of existing patterns and our ability to create a new style for you means the opportunities we offer are endless.

Who are your MTO suppliers?

Banner only works with the top cloth suppliers ensuring that your product will stand up to the rigours of day-to-day schoolwear, whilst ensuring that the garments are comfortable to wear and long lasting.

What is the ordering process for MTO?

Banner offers you a free consultancy service to ensure that the design and selection process is a seamless one. In order to get a consultancy, please contact the following email or phone number:
0333 7000 888